FOX Sports Girl Of The Week: Canicka

Fox Sports Girl Canicka has it pretty good as an ambassador for all things Atlanta sports. The Georgia State graduate can go from watching the Upton brothers hit back-to-back home runs on a Tuesday to Jeff Teague dropping 21 a game for the Hawks on a Wednesday and then catch a NASCAR race on Sunday.

And guess who has a passion to play football. Canicka.

And guess who like helmet sundaes at Braves games.

You see that smile on Canicka’s face? That’s not fake. That’s just the face of someone living her sports dreams and enjoying every minute of it. 

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What’s the coolest assignment you’ve worked as a Fox Sports Girl?

This job blows my mind! I’ve had so many incredible experiences thus far. It is so hard to say, but if I have to choose, “Gentlemen and Danica start your engines!” Traveling down to Daytona for the Daytona 500! It was my first race experience. I will never forget the sounds of the cars zooming by. Met a lot of amazing fans from the south. The Great American Race was eventful this year but thankfully everyone ended up safe.

Who is your favorite athlete?

Chipper Jones, Brave from the beginning to the end! I grew up watching him. Can’t forget Hammerin’ Hank Aaron! He defined Atlanta sports for such a long time! I know so many people named after him.

Who is your athlete or celebrity crush, and why?

You’re making me blush! Character is the most important thing to me, as is humility and a strong work ethic. Braves right-fielder, Jason Heyward definitely has all three! Southern gentleman Matthew McConaughey also tops my list, love his accent.

What sport would you play professionally if you could? Why?

I may not look tough, but I’m a firecracker when it comes to competition! So I’ve gotta say a full-on contact sport: FOOTBALL!! My dream might become a reality. I’m a big fan of the new Atlanta Phoenix women’s professional football team and they play right in my home town of Sandy Springs! I’ll keep you posted on my 40 time 😉

What is your fondest sports memory?

I loved gymnastics as a little girl, so it would have to be witnessing the Magnificent 7 take team Gold at the 96’ Olympics right here in Atlanta. Can you believe that was 17 years ago?

Pick an Upton: Which is your favorite and why?

Choosing’s gonna make me lose my mind “Upton here, Upton here!” There’s no way I can pick just one! I moved to Atlanta when I was really young, but I was actually born in the same city in Virginia that the Uptons are from!

I’ve never been to Turner Field. What should I see before/during/after the game to make it a memorable trip?

Definitely stop by the new Braves LIVE set! That’s always my first stop when I get to Turner Field. During the game make sure to get the Helmet ice cream sundae! They come in a mini Braves helmet that you get to take home..sooo good! Yum. Friday nights, make sure you stay to catch the Fireworks after the game!!

Brats, regular hot dogs or kielbasa: What is the one must-have food item at Turner Field to eat on a diet sabbatical?

I’ve tried all three! Check out the 755 Club and try a “Braves Bullpen” backdoor slider. They have huge big screen TV’s and you can talk smack an hour after each game ;).

More annoying fans: Phillies fan or Nats fan who only showed up when they got Strasburg & Harper?

I’d have to say the Phillies! They were actually voted the most obnoxious in Sports Illustrated last year! :-/

What would it mean to Atlanta to win another World Series?

THIS IS WHY WE CHOP!! The last one was in 1995 so we’re long overdue, I really think with our new outfield and momentum thus far we have a GREAT chance! Let’s win it for Chipper!

And since we’re talking teams in the playoffs, what do you think the Hawks key is to going all the way this year? How big of a factor does the fan support make at the Highlight Factory?

Korver is on fire with the 3’s this season. That can’t hurt! Dominating on fast breaks, playing with more intensity and above all, staying healthy! Fan presence is Huge! The 6th man section definitely gets the crowd fired up. Love to see the fans cheering and waving their FATHEADS!

What else do you like to do when your not catching your favorite southern sports teams?

I’ve been an entertainer since as long as I can remember. Songwriting is one of my passions. I come from a musical family, we all sing!

Three words to describe you:

Caring, energetic and silly–call me when you’re feeling down and I’ll have you cracking up in no time 🙂

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