Alabama OT D.J. Fluker Twitter Hack: ‘Yea I Took Money In College’

D.J. Fluker

Alabama offensive tackle D.J. Fluker is almost certain to be a first or second round pick in this week’s 2013 NFL Draft. Early Tuesday morning, Fluker may have gone first-overall in NFL draft picks screwing up on Twitter. Out of nowhere “Yea I took $ in college so wat. I did wat i had to do. Agents was tryin to pimp me so I pimped them. Cast da 1st stone” was posted to Fluker’s account.

DJ Fluker Tweet

The tweet was taken down almost immediately, but nothing posted online ever goes away, so the Twitter community found Fluker’s post and sent it around the web. Within minutes, Fluker’s agent, Deryk Gilmore, took to Twitter with the ‘his account has been hacked’ defense.


It should be an interesting day as ‘Bama Nation wakes up to see Fluker’s admission. Even if Fluker’s tweet was the truth, it may have zero effect on the Crimson Tide program depending on when and why he allegedly accepted the cash.

[h/t: @bubbaprog]

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