8 Ways Allen Iverson Blew $150 Million Fortune



Allen Iverson made $20,840,625 during the 2008-2009 NBA season and $154,494,445 during his basketball career, not counting endorsement deals and other revenue streams.

The Washington Post reported last week that AI is so broke that during his 2012 divorce proceeding, he was so broke that his ex-wife gave him $61 to get a cheeseburger. He also claimed in December that his monthly costs were $358,376.66.

Iverson might’ve run through his massive bank, but there is always the deal he signed with Reebok that will pay him $30 million at 55 because the money is in a deferred trust. He’s just 37.

What caused Iverson to go broke? The guy is terrible with money, if that isn’t obvious. Here are eight money management skills that’ll help you run through $155 million.

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