What Is Johnny Football Drizzling On Brunette & Heisman – On 4/20?

Been trying to figure out what Johnny Manziel has been doing with his hands in photos for the last 8-10 days? Same here. Let’s cut to the chase – hell yes it looks like he’s drizzling weed on multiple Instagrams.

Many of you are wondering these same questions because these hand signs are so cryptic, yet all the cool kids are following Manziel’s lead. Someone needs to fill in the blanks. What are we missing to this story?

What The F–k Is Johnny Manziel Talking About/Wearing Defined:

• Drake – Canadian Jew

• OVORyan – Canadian Jew who is friends with Drake

• OB O’Brien – Canadian Jew ginger; friends with Drake

• Johnny Manziel – Reportedly wealthy Heisman winner from reportedly wealthy Texas family

• OVO (shirt that Manziel wears) – October’s Very Own (Drake record label, clothing line)

• #Topszn – Some on the Kanye forums believe that this is reference to weed.

Topszn is a weed that ob o’brien (he’s the ginger) and ovoryan smoke. I’m sure the rest of the crew smokes it as well. I’d post pics but at work at the moment so just check their Instagram.


Instagram user says Topszn is a “type of weed (Topszn) that these real T.O niqqas smoke.”

• Common use of #Topszn in a sentence:

#Topszn is the regime

Johnny Manziel’s first meeting with Drake happened over spring break; claims to be changed man.


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