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Roger Clemens Swag Game Now Includes UT Longhorns Necklace (Nice Belt Phone)

Ahh, Roger Clemens and his swag game. While most sites are worried about the big things in sports, we’re sweating The Rocket’s latest swag game. You might remember this all started when Roger happened to wear a “Don’t Sweat My Swag” shirt.

The hunt was officially on for more swag. There have been camo cargo shorts, freshly frosted tips, belt buckles, wild shirts, ridiculous cargo shorts with Hooters girls and now a Texas Longhorns logo necklace during a visit to Enron Field (what I still call it).

And how about the phone location. It’s not like the guy can’t wear it on his hip like normal 50-year-old dads. No, Rocket has to have the iPhone in an upskirt position.

Swagged the f–k out.

Picture 3


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