Rick’s Cabaret NYC Girls LOL At Jets Trading Revis



And the hits keep coming for the New York Jets. First, the Tebow experiment was a joke and now team management has traded Darrelle Revis to Tampa Bay for the Bucs 13th pick in this week’s draft. Now New York strippers at Rick’s Cabaret are openly laughing at the organization, according to the club’s latest press release.

The official statement:

Rick’s Cabaret New York is the upscale gentlemen’s club known for its beautiful exotic dancers, warm hospitality, gourmet restaurant and celebrity clientele. Among its many regulars are pro athletes from all the major sports.

The Rick’s Cabaret New York Girls reacted quickly to the news that Darrelle Revis is no longer a NY Jet.

“We love the Jets–but what are they doing?” asked Rick’s Cabaret Girl Claudia, who describes herself as a big Jets fan. “When you have the best you should never let him get away!”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Christina agreed. “Darrelle is awesome. The Jets will regret trading him.”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Hanna said, “The Jets messed up. Tampa really got the best of the deal. The Bucs had a porous secondary and now they have Revis Island. That’s what I call a 180 or is it a 360? Yeah, a 180.”

“We wish Darrelle well,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Kitty. “As for the Jets management–maybe you now have the money to go out and get a quarterback. Mark Sanchez is handsome, but that doesn’t count for much on the field. Last time I looked they were all wearing helmets. Haha.”

One of the busty showgirls was not distressed at all about the trade. “The Jets f’d up. But I’m a Giants fan,” laughed Rick’s Cabaret Girl Brielle.

This Hanna chick is hilarious.

If there are two things I’ve learned in this life: 1.) Never argue with a stripper when she has an opinion on NFL personnel decisions, and 2.) You can’t win the AFC East without a stud shutdown corner or without a competent quarterback. In other words, the Jets are playing for 2014-2016.

Best case scenario for the Jets in 2013: 5-11 and great sympathy dances at Rick’s after multiple blowout losses.

Need a place to watch the NBA playoffs or the NFL draft this week in NYC? Hit Rick’s and rip on the Jets with the dancers – 50 W 33rd St  New York, NY 10001 (map)



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