MMA Fighter Rachel Wray – Ex-NFL Cheerleader – Drops New Bikini Photos

We’ve been following Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader turned MMA fighter Rachel Wray for a long time now. From her debut to her bloody battle with Nadia Nixon, Wray has fascinated us from day one. Hell, we even reached out to her about potential sponsorship.

That being said you can imagine our excitement when we heard she was slated to appear on NBC’s Today Show this month.

Then, in yet another thing ruined by the terrorists, NBC had to postpone her appearance for extended coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Obviously there were bigger fish to fry this week so we didn’t let it get us down. We understood NBC’s decision to postpone the appearance, but now we think it’s time for NBC to give America what it wants and that’s Rachel Wray.

Although we can’t confirm a date that they will air Wray’s piece, we did spot a few new bikini photos on Rachel Wray’s Instagram account to hold you guys over. We pulled those and the best of the rest of her recent uploads in the gallery below.

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