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Texas Rangers ‘Greene’s Hill Kid’ Goes Jeffrey Maier On Seattle Mariners’ No-Hit Bid


Texas Rangers Greene's Hill Kid Catch 2

Seattle Mariners’ pitcher Brandon Maurer had yet to allow a hit in the bottom of the fourth inning of his start against the Texas Rangers in Arlington on Saturday night when A.J. Pierzynski stepped to the plate and launched a long fly ball to deep center field. The ball did make it over the fence, but it was caught by the outstretched glove of Rangers fan Trent Williams, aka “Greene’s Hill Kid,” whose mitt made contact with the glove of Mariners’ center fielder Franklin Gutierrez.

“That is the first time I have ever touched gloves with an outfielder trying to catch the ball,” Williams, a season-ticket holder, said.” (Gutierrez) seemed to be aggravated, because it broke-up the no-hitter.”

Of course, the umpires, even with the benefit of instant replay, let the home run stand. Notice how the MLB video doesn’t include a slow-mo replay.

It’s almost amazing that this play didn’t happen in Yankee Stadium. Orioles fans can tell you that there is a major league rule that allows punky, puke-faced little kids to turn outs into home run balls. They also haven’t forgiven umpire Richie Garcia for his call on the Jeffrey Maier incident in that 1996 ALCS (keep in mind this is the same city that forgave Ray Lewis). Watch the Rangers’ video here and decide for yourself. Still photos below.

Texas Rangers Greene's Hill Kid Catch 1

Texas Rangers Greene's Hill Kid Catch 2

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Texas Rangers Greene's Hill Kid Catch 3

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