15 NSFW Tweets At Benson Henderson, Who Was Booed While Proposing At UFC On Fox 7 [VIDEO]

Benson Henderson Proposes


Benson Henderson retained his UFC lightweight title by scoring a contentious split decision over Gilbert Melendez at UFC on FOX 7 in San Jose on Saturday night. Joe Rogan tried to interview Henderson right after the fight, but the champ asked him to hang on for a second because he “had to see about a girl.” Henderson then dropped to a knee in the ring to propose to his girlfriend, Maria Magana. Of course Magana said yes, but she’s lucky she heard Henderson, because the crowd was booing the hell out of the decision and the proposal.

Check out the video evidence:

[h/t: TheBigLead for the video]

Because it was a close judges’ decision, some fans in attendance felt a little raw at Henderson getting the judges’ nod over Melendez. However, the fans really didn’t want to see Henderson propose in the ring. UFC fans have no time for romance. Now, if someone wanted to get divorced after a bout, they’d probably be all for it. Henderson was jubilant on Twitter afterward, but, as you can see in the gallery below, some fans weren’t so nice (once they figured out what he was doing):

Yes, that's my real name.
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