Tyson Fury Gets Knocked Down, Still Wins With Huge KO & Sings After His U.S. Debut [VIDEO]

YouTube.com/NBC Sports Network

YouTube.com/NBC Sports Network

Before we get into what happened, yes, there’s really a boxer named Tyson Fury, which is the coolest goddamn name for anyone who fights for a living. It’s also a hell of a lot easier to spell than Klitschko. If this guy was in UFC, he’d already be hyped into a household name. Boxing really needs a guy like Dana White.

A 6’9″ British heavyweight, Fury ran his record to 21-0 by hammering U.S. fighter Steve Cunningham at Madison Square Garden in New York on Saturday. It wasn’t an easy win for Fury. After shoving Cunningham away at the end of the first round, he was knocked down by a BIG over-hand right early in the second. Watch Fury get dropped hard in the video below:

Fury got up, shook off the knockdown and rallied to win. He had Cunningham in trouble in the seventh and then finished him with a few right upper cuts, a straight left and a final, devastating right hook.

After the fight, Fury sang, because that’s what he does. Look, when you’re 6’9″ and can hit with the force of a truck, you can do what you want until somebody gets a tranquilizer gun.

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