Philly Techies Spent Friday Night Playing Pong Game On Skyscraper [VIDEO]

Philly Building Pong

Hundreds of people turned out to watch what must have been the world’s largest game of Pong play out on the face of a building in Philadelphia on Friday night. Frank Lee, a Drexel University game-design professor, arranged the super-sized Pong game on the face of the Cira Centre as part of Philly Tech Week.

A few select players were given the opportunity to control the giant LED projections and battle against one another on the 401-foot building next to 30th Street Station in West Philly. Crowds watched the game from the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Ben Franklin Parkway. Find out more about how the project came together in the video below. (You can also see Frank Lee play ‘Snake’ a few weeks back in the video at the bottom):

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