83 Great Moments In #BeerForBoston


morning twitpics

We threw a little party last night on Twitter for the fine people of Boston who had two radicalized maniacs torment them for five days. It just happened that BC followers were checking Twitter, wanted in on the party and started uploading photos of their booze.

It was a patriotic night to say the least. Not a victory party. A “shit, that craziness is over” party. Of course there are other crazy bastards out there who’d love to send ball bearings and nails through the body of 8-year-old children. Sure, there are assholes – foreign & homegrown – who want to take out cops with grenades.

Friday was just one of those nights to come together, relax, share a beer amongst friends and try to calm down after a week of hell for Boston and West, Texas.

Foreign countries represented last night: Canada, Brazil & U.K.

States represented (that I know of off top of my head – sorry if I miss you): Massachusetts, New York, PA, Washington D.C. (I know, not a state), South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, California, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma, Iowa

Odd beer of the night: Some sort of Ukrainian brew

Most patriotic: “Love it or leave it” USA flag t-shirt guy

Babies holding beer bottles: 1

Dogs with #BeerForBoston: 3

#BeerForBoston All-Star Team: Guy you see above (don’t know his Twitter handle) & Arkansas Razorbacks fan @DREWBALEDGE

Thank you to all of those who sent photos and messages about the coverage through the week. I appreciate the laughs, the seriousness, the tips and how great to @bustedcoverage following has become. If I missed you in this roundup, I’m sorry. There were nearly 300 photos sent to me over 4 hours.

To all, there are many more fun times to come.

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