Ocho Cinco Giving Miami Weekend Trip To Boston Woman Who Lost Grandmother

Chad Ochocinco generally gets a bad rap amongst sports fans and media critics alike. Sure he’s had his bad days in the past, but there are some instances when he shows all of us he’s actually a pretty good guy.

Take this story for example.

A random Twitter follower, @chrisjan36, tweeted to Ochocinco this afternoon:

Remember, Ocho did have his brief stint with the Patriots and has his fans in the area. He quickly responded to the woman:

@chrisjan36, happy to hear back from Ocho, then had this to say:

We’re not sure whether or not Chris’ grandmothers passing was a result of anything bombing related, but either way, a brutal thing to happen during such a stressful time in Boston. Ocho’s response:

Yep, Ochocinco came out and offered her a Miami vacation after only a few tweets.

Good answer there, Chris.

Ochocinco is quickly winning the heart of this Bostonian with a gesture like this.

And here is the evidence that shows us Ocho really plans on going through with it.

Ochocinco then sent out the following two tweets, promising a good weekend for @chrisjan36 on her spontaneous trip to Miami.

We’ve seen outreach from several athletes and celebrities throughout this tragedy and hopefully these acts are only the beginning. Hats off to Ocho for this awesome move.

[@ochocinco] [@chrisjan36]

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