Joe Flacco Spent His Friday Working At Dairy Queen [PHOTOS]

Joe-Flacco-Dairy-Queen (1)

Joe Flacco is continuing his quest to become the most likable quarterback in the NFL. We thought his McDonalds drive-through stunt was the peak of his humility, but we were wrong. Flacco spent his Friday helping out at a local Dairy Queen and meeting the family of a boy who was killed by a drunk driver.

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CBS Baltimore reporter Christie Ileto was on the scene and chronicled the event with a series of tweets and photos. Other than serving up Blizzards and hot fudge sundaes, Flacco met with the Cheswick family and presented them with a $25,000 check.

Joe-Flacco-Dairy-Queen (3)

Flacco, although looking as goofy as ever in some of these photos, is proving again that he is one of the good guys in the NFL.

[h/t @Christie_Ileto]