Vince Young FINALLY Received His U. Of Texas Class Ring [PHOTOS]

A little over a month ago we spotted some photos of Vince Young himself getting fitted for a University of Texas class ring. The big fella looked thrilled, flashing smiles and throwing up the hook ’em for the camera.

Flash forward to this week, and Vince and his fellow UT recent grads had their official ring ceremony. Vince was inĀ attendanceĀ and took a few photos with fans, but this time he didn’t look as thrilled.

Don’t jump down Vince’s throat for rocking a polo to a ceremony like this. He actually wore a shirt and tie to the official event, but quickly changed into something more comfortable.

Check out his get up at the ceremony, went with the black shirt, black tie, black pants combo. Vince must’ve gotten the memo that black is slimming because that double chin sure looked prominent.

All the ball busting we give to Vince Young here at BC is in good fun. We actually like the guy and want to give him some props for taking the time to go back and get the degree. Not many guys do it anymore and Vince, you surprised us by being one of the guys to do it.

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