Paulina Gretzky’s Ass Still On A Boat With DJ [PHOTOS]


Paulina Gretzky is at it again. Her ass is in a bikini and she’s still on that boat with Dustin Johnson. You might remember earlier in the week when Gretzky was holding a Blue Moon in a koozie while wearing shredded jorts and a bikini top.

And what’s up with that giant diamond in her ear? Matching engagement ring?

Imagine you’re the child of a sports legend and you need to justify yourself in society without snorting coke on the Sunset Strip. What’s the best move to not seem like you’re mooching off your famous hockey dad? Marry a golfer.

The guy is loaded, flies on private jets and has already earned $1,748,907 in tourney winnings during 2013.

Engaged by August 1. Mark it down.



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