Kerry Rhodes Was ‘Top,’ Alleged Gay Lover Claims

The gossip hounds at finally snagged the first ultra-exclusive interview with the alleged gay lover of former NFL safety Kerry Rhodes.

Russell “Hollywood” Simpson says he was the bottom to Rhodes’s top and that he was more than just Kerry’s assistant off the field. Rhodes has denied that he’s gay and that Simpson was just his assistant off the field. The big issue for Rhodes is that Simpson has photos of the two in personal situations like sharing a pool raft.

Let’s face it, straight guys don’t share a pool raft. Ever.

Simpson doesn’t hold back in this interview, even talking about the couple’s sex life. Are you ready, straight NFL fan?

There’s still time to look away.

*laughs* It was great! It was very passionate because we were so in love. Of course he was the top! I’m not doing all that damn work! But, we were extremely close. It was very good and he put it on me!

Oh, God.

And they were really in love, Simpson claims.

I had an engagement ring he gave me. Look at some of the pics and I am wearing a promise ring he gave me. We were in love and it was real. But now look at him! He’s lying and looking like a real dumbazz. Why couldn’t he just STFU and no even said anything. He had to deny it like I wasn’t real. Like, I never existed. What the hell?? We filmed that reality show together, he has hours of footage of me and him together for the show. I have NOTHING to hide! I’m grown as hell and have nothing lie about.

Kerry Rhodes is gay. That’s the truth.

Oh, God.

The bad news for Rhodes is that he’s a free agent and we all know that certain NFL teams don’t want a distraction. We’re talking about the same teams who asked draft hopefuls if they were gay.

[NFL Star Kerry Rhodes’ Gay Lover Exposes Secret Relationship]

That’s allegedly Kerry in a Lady Gaga video.

JaMarcus Russell Looking Like A Cross Between LeBron & Kimbo Slice
JaMarcus Russell Looking Like A Cross Between LeBron & Kimbo Slice
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