ESPN Intern F–ks Up The Eastern Conference Playoffs Bracket & More Screencaps

morning twitpics

We’ll iron this out for you guys since some intern, in his last days before the end of the semester, thought it would be funny to make Atlanta a 4-seed. The Hawks are a 6-seed. Yes, they’ll face the Pacers. There’s no need to fire this intern.

As for the Lakers, they took the 7-seed and face San Antonio on Sunday (playoff matchups). Yes, that means the Lakers-Spurs will be driven down your throat by ESPN.

Do I care about the NBA playoffs yet? Keep in mind that it could take two months until a Game 7 of the NBA Finals would be played (last possible date for Game 7 is June 20). Two friggin’ months. Wake me in June when the Heat are in the Finals.

Hold up, hold up. Just when you thought ESPN interns could only f–k up one bracket.


And another fail via mobile.


Meanwhile, at that all important Grizzlies-Jazz game, this guy came wearing his A-game.

Grizzlies Fan Bearskin

And another ESPN fail. His name is Justice Hayes.

ESPN Fail Justice Hayes

Both teams saluted the fans at the end of last night’s Sabres-Bruins game. Buffalo won the game 3-2 via shootout.


Finally, the NY Post covers.

Picture 6