Best Of Jose Canseco’s Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’

Jose Canseco took time out of his busy schedule today for a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ session that quickly turned into one of the best AMAs in AMA history. For those not familiar an ‘Ask Me Anything’, frequently referred to as an AMA, is when a celebrity or individual with an interesting story opens up and answers fan submitted questions.

Obviously Canseco’s session got weird. There was talk about shriveled testicles, dog vomit, time travel and more. We pulled the top 12 moments from his AMA for your enjoyment, but if that’s not enough click here to view the entire thread on Reddit.

The responses are all Canseco’s unedited, off the cuff responses.

Redditor: Jose, you once asked your twitter followers for a pro-Bono attorney for help getting your chandeliers back. What ever happened with this?

Canseco: nothing they kept my chandeliers the law sucks ,I should have burned that house down.shit maybe I will. lol

Redditor: Jose, you once said “Time travel is possible. Will explain later” Can you please explain your theories on this?

Canseco: Time travel is possible but u can only go back in time through ur dreams I do it all the time.learn more about dream control I have mastered it

 Redditor: You just don’t have enough jigawatts.

Canseco: Your mother thinks I do.i just jigawatted in her

Redditor: To ask you your own question, “Would you swallow your dogs throw up to save your best friend from dieing?”

Canseco: i like dog throw up very nutritiuos

Redditor: Jose, do you have any old t-shirts that I can have, not borrow, have? I will pay for shipping.. I would like to wear your old shirts while I’m lifting weights and also making love with my wife. Hug for u!

Canseco: i am wearing an old underwear with poop stains will that do

Redditor: What did it feel like when that ball bounced off your head and over the wall, physically and emotionally?

Canseco: your girlfriend rubbed my head after,so physically and emotionally i was

Redditor: Jose, When a girl goes down on you, does she laugh at your shrinked up roided testacles? Thanks.

Canseco: yes but they make my 9 inch cock look like 12 inches,opticle illusion

Redditor: Has the use of steroids had any effect on your sex life?

Canseco: i dont know i still have sex 5 times a day with 7 different objects,lol

Redditor:  How meaningful was it when Jim Carrey screamed “I’m Jose Canseco!” in Liar Liar? He could have screamed many other names when he thought of playing baseball with his kid.

Canseco:hes a big fan of mine plus we had a threesome together

Redditor: Will you be making more of your amazing paintings?

Canseco: yes they r for sale i will be doing one of me naked soon

Redditor: Would you rather take a fastball to the nuts or have to sleep with Madonna now?

Canseco: punch her in the nuts

Redditor: I’ve heard that you are a poker player. Can you talk about how long you’ve been playing? Any crazy home games you’ve been invited to? Got any generally crazy poker/gambling stories?

Canseco:been playiing for 30 years .love strip poker i cheat and win

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