The Best Fur Hat Spotted At Rockies-Mets Ice Bowl & More Screencaps!

Seriously, dogg? Come on. How does a black dude lose any and all street cred he’s accumulated over the years?

1. Show up to a Rockies-Mets baseball game when the temps are in the 33 range.

2. Wear that fur to a Rockies-Mets game in April and get spotted by TV cameras.

As I mentioned on Tuesday, the Rockies and Mets had to play two yesterday because of 10″ of snow on Monday.

Of course the crazies showed up for the good seats.


You think this guy is buying a $75 seat to an April Rockies-Mets game?


The good news for Rockies fan? Their team swept the doubleheader; 9-8, 8-4.


Meanwhile, at Monday’s Dodgers game, tell us this is a Photoshop.


In NBA news, ESPN already has this guy going to the Lakers, yet he hasn’t even been drafted. Fail.


In NHL news, perfect timing from Flyers fan. He can’t just fake pick his nose all game. It took impeccable timing to make this happen. The Flyers won, 4-2, but remain out of playoff contention so Philly fans can move all attention to hating Halladay and the Phillies.


Finally, New York was friendly to Boston – for a night.



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