JaMarcus Russell Looking Like A Cross Between LeBron & Kimbo Slice


What did we learn from Bleacher Report’s latest JaMarcus Russell comeback to the NFL video? Not much, really. JaMarcus is still blubbery, he still seems aloof and he’s looking to be in his mid-50s. Bleacher claims the former #1 overall pick of the Raiders has lost 40 pounds since starting his training with Jeff Garcia, while AL.com says JaMarcus has lost 45 pounds of fat.


Can JaMarcus ever be anything other than a backup quarterback who is just happy collecting a paycheck? Let’s be real, that’s not happening. The guy is 27, not even close to elite quarterback shape and was 300-plus pounds in the early part of 2013.

So let’s focus on that hairline. It easily has LeBron‘s beat and The King is 28. The best move the Russell camp could make right now is to shave his head and the beard. He’s looking like a cross between Kimbo Slice and LeBron.



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