Grandpa’s iPad Gets F–ked Up By Foul Ball At Northern Iowa Softball Game [VIDEO]

OK, codger, think you can get the iPad any closer to the net protecting you from having your head taken off inside the University of Northern Iowa dome?


Then don’t go bitching when this lefty is late on a heater and busts the shit out of your sweet iPad.

By the way, how great is it that Northern Iowa plays softball inside? There is nothing more annoying in sports than spring sports anywhere north of St. Louis. The weather is always shitty. It’s always windy and you play like eight home games a year because the weather sucks.

How else are you going to get defending national champion Alabama to come to Iowa in February to play softball? Roll Tide was in this year’s UNI-dome tournament where a crowd of 5,000 showed up to one game.

Anyway, here’s grandpa getting owned. I’ll give him credit, he goes right back to the net figuring it won’t happen again.


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