Shaq Wearing THIS Outfit While Carrying Bubba Watson

Shaq pic

The above photo was posted to Shaq’s Twitter account a little over an hour ago. I’m not sure what is more eye opening, Shaq’s outfit or the fact that Bubba Watson looks like a rag doll in his arms.

We’re not sure about the context of this photo, but the hilarity of it deserved a quick post. The photo came with the following tweet:

shaq tweet

Are they playing a friendly round? Is Bubba unwinding after a lackluster +7 performance at The Masters? Maybe they’re shooting a commercial?

All we know is that that on top of wearing a ridiculous outfit and toying with Bubba Watson, Shaq got a nice little dig in on Charles Barkley. Awesome. Can’t wait to see Chuck’s response.

[h/t @SHAQ]