Shame On Pirates Fan For Needing Super Glove For Foul Ball & More Screencaps

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What’s the best way to get over one of the darkest days in American and sports history? Get right back to the field or court for a diversion from people being killed and having limbs ripped from their bodies.

There are stories of brothers, who were near the finish line to watch a friend run in the marathon, losing legs. Then there is radio show host Gerry Callahan saying the party that was the Boston Marathon, is over.

He writes: We will promise to show up next year in full force, but we know the truth. Patriots Day will never been the same. Our Marathon will never be the same. Some sick, evil bastards blew a hole in it.

How could it?

There’s the 8 year old who died.

Nope, the marathon will never be the same.


In Montreal, the Canadiens observed a moment of silence before last night’s game against Philadelphia.


Ben Revere’s glove.


At least there was one moment last night that made us smile.

Picture 1

I’ll spare you the NY Post front page.