Does This Nerd Andrew Luck Look Like He Uses A Flip Phone? He Does!

When did you throw away your old flip phone? Like five years ago? Sure, my dad still uses one but he’s 57 and doesn’t really need some iPhone to figure out directions to the VFW. Meanwhile, new Colts backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck has pulled a coup and snapped photos of Andrew Luck’s Samsung flip phone.

That’s seriously Luck’s phone, according to Hasselbeck tweets.

The guy must snap some serious pics with the 1.3 megapixel camera. How does Luck find the nearest Indy Chipotle? AAA maps in his driver’s side door.

Does the guy have any money to buy a legit 21st century phone? Yes, his rookie contract will pay him $22.1 million over four years. The guy is obviously just frugal – and smart.


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