Coors Field Has Been Cleared Of Snow – Play Ball! [PHOTOS]


The Colorado Rockies and Mets need to get in a doubleheader today at Coors Field. The only issue is that Coors received 10 inches of snow overnight and they really, really need to get these games in or risk having to reschedule on a day off later in the year.

So the organization went into Lambeau Field mode.

Rockies management estimates that today they had 25-plus people working to clear the field and 50-plus clearing the stands.

The game is currently in a delay because there are giant piles of snow down the first base line that could pose some problems.

Again, the Rockies really, really need to get these games in. Local meteorologists are calling for another 1-3″ of snow for Denver on Wednesday.


Nope, we’ve never seen this amount of snow on a baseball field when a game was to be played a few hours later. How are the conditions for the fans? The high might hit 40 and windy.

This is what the field looks like right now.