Alex Ovechkin Selling 2009 Mercedes SL65 For $250,000! [16 PHOTOS]

Alex Ovechkin Selling His 2009 Mercedes SL65 For 0,000!

Known daredevil and car enthusiast Alex Ovechkin has surprisingly decided to sell his pristine 2009 Mercedes SL65 AMG. The car, now four years old, is still going for an insane $249,800.

Maybe he realized that Washington D.C. is one of the most obnoxious cities to drive in. Maybe he realized driving a car worth over $200K with your initials on the license plate wasn’t a smart idea as a high profile athlete. Either way, it’s officially on the market.

There are only 13,081 miles on the car, making it essentially brand new. According to the listing there was about $60,000 worth of customization done to the car.

That being said, the price-tag of nearly $250K still seems a bit steep. According to CarGurus:

A used 2009 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class SL65 AMG Roadster has an average retail price of $116,920 and 29,400 miles.

Hmmm…is Ovi trying to rip off some unsuspecting buyer?

More Info On Ovi’s Mercedes

  • 13,081 miles
  • Matte Blue
  • 6.0L V12 36V MPFI SOHC Twin Turbo
  • Driver’s side electrochromatic auto-dimming mirrors
  • Video player with DVD

[Buy Alexander Ovechkin’s Mercedes – Cars.com]


Ovi Cruising Around In Moscow Blasting Tupac

Close Up Look At The 2009 Mercedes SL65

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