Alex Ovechkin Selling 2009 Mercedes SL65 For $250,000! [16 PHOTOS]

Known daredevil and car enthusiast Alex Ovechkin has surprisingly decided to sell his pristine 2009 Mercedes SL65 AMG. The car, now four years old, is still going for an insane $249,800.

Maybe he realized that Washington D.C. is one of the most obnoxious cities to drive in. Maybe he realized driving a car worth over $200K with your initials on the license plate wasn’t a smart idea as a high profile athlete. Either way, it’s officially on the market.

There are only 13,081 miles on the car, making it essentially brand new. According to the listing there was about $60,000 worth of customization done to the car.

That being said, the price-tag of nearly $250K still seems a bit steep. According to CarGurus:

A used 2009 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class SL65 AMG Roadster has an average retail price of $116,920 and 29,400 miles.

Hmmm…is Ovi trying to rip off some unsuspecting buyer?

More Info On Ovi’s Mercedes

  • 13,081 miles
  • Matte Blue
  • 6.0L V12 36V MPFI SOHC Twin Turbo
  • Driver’s side electrochromatic auto-dimming mirrors
  • Video player with DVD

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Ovi Cruising Around In Moscow Blasting Tupac

Close Up Look At The 2009 Mercedes SL65


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