Waka Flocka Flame Flips The Bird With A.J. McCarron’s National Championship Ring? [PHOTOS]

In an effort to keep pace with Johnny Manziel, A.J. McCarron also befriended a below average rapper over the weekend. We all know of Manziel’s exploits with Drake so it makes sense that McCarron would befriend a guy like Wake Flocka Flame.

Oh, you’re not familiar with Waka’s work? You mean you haven’t heard instant classics like ‘Let Dem Guns Blam‘ or ‘Candy Paint & Gold Teeth‘?

And is that McCarron’s National Championship ring that Waka is wearing while flipping the bird? I’m sure Crimson Tide faithful would really enjoying seeing that. Can’t you just picture Bear Bryant rolling over in his grave?

Then, McCarron posted this selfie:

Just your reigning National Champion quarterback rocking a hat that says ‘DRUGS’ front and center. McCarron naturally fielded some heat for this cap, and responded on Twitter:

So uplifting. Waka couldn’t have come up with a different acronym? We’re sure there’s no¬†ulterior¬†motive there.


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