2013 USC Song Girls Swim With Mike [PHOTOS]

You know how we know the USC football program hasn’t rebounded from a disastrous 2012 when the Trojans finished 7-6 and a loss in the Sun Bowl? There was zero buzz over Saturday’s annual Swim with Mike event where the Song Girls belly flop and get into bikinis for charity.

Thankfully, our friends from BeatSC.com were there to snap photos of the belly flop champion holding two packages of sausage. Reasoning for the sausage? Not a single f–king clue. None. However, it seems like the USC cheerleaders were in on the gag.

As for the quality of 2013 Song Girl, it seems that the new recruits are getting into the B+ range. We’re not talking anywhere close to Oregon, but the gap isn’t nearly as wide as it has been over last 4-5 years.

Sidenote: no sign of Lane Kiffin.

[More 2013 Swim With Mike photos – BeatUSC.com]

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