The Best Obama Hates America Shirt At NRA 500 & More Screencaps!

What a weekend in sports. White men cried about Tiger not being disqualified at the Masters and white men at the NASCAR race rallied against gun control. That’s the best shirt we could find from the NRA 500 at Texas Motor Speedway. If you were a gun control advocating Democrat, that race wasn’t a place you wanted to be on Saturday.

Take the politics out of it, nothing gets me more excited at a sporting event than fans wearing great shirts.

A great shirt.

(via @IngrahamAngle)


Best spring game celebration of the weekend goes to Oklahoma senior wide receiver Don Caudill and his, we suppose, girlfriend.

Picture 2

What did you miss at Coachella? If you’re into men wearing Borat bikinis, this.

Picture 3

Which leads to this guy.

Picture 6

Sunderland beat Newcastle 3-0 on Sunday.

Picture 7

Yeah, but just imagine all the tail this jersey will be pulling. Cool conversation starter.

Picture 8

Your Monday morning post: C-

Picture 9

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