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Jack Edwards With Douchiest Hockey Fight Call Of 2013: ‘Don’t Poke The Bear’ [VIDEO]

It’s no secret that former ESPN nerd & current Boston Bruins play-by-play man Jack Edwards is a Grade A jerkoff homer. (Remember Jack pumping his fists and jumping around because a camera was on him?) And then all of that was reconfirmed Saturday when Zdena Chara and Jay Harrison of the Hurricanes danced.

Yes, everyone knows Chara is 6-9, 255 and a giant ogre. Yes, everyone knows Chara is the heart and soul of the Bruins. Yes, we all know Jack Edwards is mentally in love with Chara.

But, was the “Don’t poke the bear” call during this fight with Harrison really necessary? Then Edwards fellow jerkoff color commentator says Chara “took care of business.”

It doesn’t look like either guy really took care of business. Neither guy loses his helmet and we can’t really see a punch land.


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