Former NFLer Joe Andruzzi’s Marathon Party Just Steps From Bombing



That’s three-time Super Bowl champion Joe Andruzzi (@Andruzzi63) carrying a lady to safety after the terrorist attack at today’s Boston Marathon. Andruzzi, a Boston resident who spent nine seasons in the NFL, is a cancer survivor and heads the Joe Andruzzi Foundation (@joeandruzzifndn), which had runners in today’s race.

Andruzzi happened to be very close to the finish line.

Picture 3

Where is the Forum? Right where people were blown apart.


Debris is seen along Boylston Street after explosions went off at the 117th Boston Marathon in Boston

Andruzzi, who was very active on Twitter this morning, went five hours this afternoon without tweeting or retweeting. From the photo above circulating on Twitter, he was busy helping rescue people. He eventually let followers know that he was safe and didn’t mention the rescue part. We assume that’s because Andruzzi sees it as his duty as a human who cares about other humans.

A day that was going to be a bright spot for Andruzzi turned into a sad, horrible tragedy.

Picture 6

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