Saturday Night Live Spoofed ‘Roundball Rock’ — The NBA on NBC Theme By John Tesh [VIDEO]

NBA on NBC Theme Roundball Rock

You most certainly remember the NBA on NBC theme “Roundball Rock.” The unmistakable tune was the soundtrack of the Jordan Era of the NBA on NBC from 1991 to 2002. Kids, did you know it was written by John Tesh? Yes, Entertainment Tonight’s John Tesh. Tesh once told an audience the scintillating story behind the conception of the theme. No, he wasn’t masturbating while watching the Showtime Lakers; he was in Europe and called the tune into his answering machine (people used them before voice mail) . Behold the storytelling prowess of the satin vest:

Last night, NBC’s Saturday Night Live went retro and told fans the fictional story behind Tesh — and his non-existent brother Dave Tesh — writing the song for NBC. Just try not to spend the rest of your Sunday with the melody in your head. Sadly, Tesh was once again not invited to Coachella this year.

[h/t: @oliviawilde]

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