Ohio State Buck-I-Guy Gets Towed At Spring Game [PHOTOS]

Buck-I-Guy Towed


Ohio State football fans stuck in traffic on their way to/from the OSU Spring Game in Cincinnati on Saturday spotted Ohio State superfan Buck-I-Guy getting towed — intentionally, as it turned out — from Paul Brown Stadium. When Twitter spotter @Matt44G first saw the Buck-I-Guy’s car, it initially looked to some fans like his ride may have been impounded.

Not the case. Buck-I-Guy’s car was towed at his request. If you take a close look at the passenger side, you can see Buck-I-Guy riding shotgun on the tow. A BC Facebook fan tipped us off:

He had his car towed TO Cincinnati from cbus. I only know this because his goofy ass was causing a traffic backup by driving that tow truck in the fast lane going 60. When everyone passed on the right, he was riding shotgun with a shitty grin on his face while waving. So unnecessary. Smh

The Braxton Miller-led Scarlet defeated the Gray, 31-14. No word on how many yards Brutus had out of the backfield. Just a few more months until the games count.

Buck-I-Guy Full


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