FC Dallas Player George John Hit In The Head By Aluminum Bottle After He Scores Goal [VIDEO]

George John Bottle Strike


Some soccer fans can’t help themselves. FC Dallas player George John was struck in the head with an glass aluminum beer bottle thrown by a Dallas fan after he headed in the only goal of the game for his team in their 1-0 win over the L.A. Galaxy on Saturday in Dallas.

After the first header off the corner kick clanked off the bar, John ducked in to score the game’s only goal, only to get blasted by what looked to be a beer bottle. He was dazed, sprawled on the ground and bleeding. In the video below, it first appears that John might be milking getting plunked until you see the blood on his hand, hair and scalp. There’s no reason for hitting any player with a thrown object, but it’s obvious that most fans would know enough not to take out your own team’s player with a hurled bottle like you were at a bar fight.

George John Bottle Blood


[UPDATE: The bottle was aluminum, not glass.]

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