25 NSFW Twitter Reactions To Tiger Woods NOT Getting Disqualified At The Masters

Tiger Woods Masters NSFW Twitter Reactions

Tiger Woods will tee off in the third round of The Masters on Saturday at about 1:45 p.m. (ET). He is just five strokes behind leader Jason Day. What’s that? You thought he was only three strokes back after Friday’s second round? Well, he was…until a TV viewer called in and suggested that Woods took an illegal ball drop on the 15th hole Friday when his shot landed in the water hazard after hitting the flagstick. Woods said he dropped “two yards” further back from his original shot, but the rules dictated that he should have taken the drop closer.

The rules also say that if a player signs his scorecard after committing that error and not tacking on extra strokes, he should be disqualified. Instead of DQ—ing Tiger — because, ratings! — the Augusta National Golf Club’s competition committee assessed a two-stroke penalty on Saturday morning. Naturally, the golf world went crazy. While there were Tiger fans who suggested that the competition committee was trying to screw Woods, there were plenty of haters suggesting that Tiger got preferential treatment because he is the PGA’s golden calf.

THIS is why I hate Tiger Woods. He gets away with bullshit that no other players would. Above the rules. He’s the Lebron of the PGA.

— Jessy (@OhhhManItsJessy) April 13, 2013

Golf Channel analyst and three-time Masters champ Nick Faldo, ESPN’s Rick Reilly and CNN’s Piers Morgan all said Woods should quit.

Tiger Woods should disqualify himself. Now.

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) April 13, 2013

Jack Nicklaus would disqualify himself in this situation. So would Arnold Palmer and Gary Player. Come on Tiger, do the right thing.

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) April 13, 2013

Tiger has already said in 2 interviews that his intention, unwittingly, was to take an advantage he wasn’t allowed. He should withdraw.

— Rick Reilly (@ReillyRick) April 13, 2013

You just know that Tiger is going to turn it on for these last two rounds and turn this situation into an even bigger kerfuffle than it already is. As you can see in the gallery below, there are already plenty of people who think Tiger Woods should have either been disqualified or withdrawn.