5 Questions With Jaslyn Ome, Playboy’s Miss April 2013 [PHOTOS]

Since they are often photographed in lingerie, Playboy Playmates wouldn’t seem to be the type of girls who’d want to cuddle up with sharks. Meet Jaslyn Ome, Playboy’s Miss April 2013 and a self-proclaimed jet-skier, paddle-boarder and shark-lover (think great white, not San Jose).

“I am obsessed with sharks,” Ome, 21, said from California nearly halfway into her month as Playboy’s Playmate. “I love being around the ocean.”

A native of El Dorado Hills, California, Ome is now a resident of Los Angeles, where the avowed Dodgers’ and Lakers‘ fan keeps busy planning for her career after her month in the centerfold has passed.

“I’d like to have my own line of beauty products and get into acting and hosting,” Ome said

She talked to us about surfers, skinny-dipping and the Laker who could best save her from a shark attack.

Being a Playmate allows you access to people you might not have otherwise met. Which celebrity have you been most excited to meet since becoming a Playmate?

“I haven’t met that many famous people, but I did meet (former Playmate) Jenny McCarthy. She was awesome. I also met Julian Wilson. I love the ocean, and he’s a professional surfer, so I was excited about that.”

You are a Dodgers fan. Which Dodgers player would you most want to spend a day on the beach with and why?

“Maybe Matt Kemp. He dated Rihanna and she’s an island girl, so he must like the ocean! Not trying to take Rihanna’s men though. I’ll stick to surfers.”

You did your pictorial at Cadillac Jack’s, a diner in Sun Valley, Calif. Is that the strangest place you’ve ever been naked?

“I think so. It was a little weird. There weren’t many people there, but occasionally parents would walk by with their kids and (the photography team) would cover me up. It was fun. I just forgot that I was naked after a while.”

Jet skier, paddle boarder — you love the ocean (even sharks). Give us your best skinny-dipping story.

“My good friends and I were at Santa Cruz, Calif. camping a few years ago. We were on the beach, and everyone just decided to go in the water and started taking their clothes off. My one friend and I decided to run on the sand into the water, and we kept tripping and falling. It was pretty silly.”

Which Lakers player do you think would best fend off a shark attack and why?

“I’d say Metta World Peace (Ron Artest) would be the best to fight off a shark! He’s known to brawl a bit, so at least he would stand a good chance.”

See more of Jaslyn Ome in the April 2013 issue of Playboy — available at newsstands and digitally at Playboy.com. View the gallery below for a preview.


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