Braves Fans Furious At ESPN Over ‘Harper Crushing’ Sidebar & More Screencaps

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Here’s what we learned last night on SportsCenter: If you want to piss off Braves fan, just run a Bryce Harper sidebar after Atlanta comes back to beat the Nats 6-4 in 10. Look, I have a mancrush on Harper. Have been a fan since day one. The big problem here is that Mets catcher John Buck has similar numbers.

Harper has five dongs and 10 RBI while batting .400. Get used to it, Braves fan, your market matters very little to ESPN.

While we’re at it… goodbye intern.



While we’re at it…goodbye intern.



While we’re at it…goodbye intern.

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The last time you’ll be seeing Kobe on a basketball floor.



Finally, your morning NY Post.

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