Johnny Manziel Pretty Much Offering To Wear BC Shirt To Bar – Negotiations Begin!



In a matter of 12 hours Johnny Manziel went on a great run at some College Station bar, officially broke his Twitter silence and was photographed making out with some blonde.

If you’re going to make a return to Twitter, this one can’t really be topped by a regular athlete.

One thing led to another this afternoon and we were suddenly in negotiations with Manziel over Scooby wearing a BC shirt the next time he decides to go clubbing.

The negotiations have officially begun. Everyone at the NCAA can relax, we have not a goddamn thing to gain from Manziel wearing a BC shirt. We’re not looking to give him some sort of illegal benefit. We’re poor so there won’t be any cash gifts. He’s under 21 so we won’t send him a bottle of complimentary Captain Morgan.

Just Manziel in a BC t-shirt (like the one Jaime Edmondson is ripping off) on Thirsty Thursday.



Johnny Manziel Kissing

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