Johnny Manziel Kissing Some Chick Last Night At The Bar

Johnny Manziel Kissing Some Blonde Last Night At The Bar

No wonder Johnny Manziel returned to Twitter late last night. It looks like he might’ve spent part of the evening at a College Station bar where he was photographed going Johnny Tongue on some blonde.

You might remember that he has that pesky girlfriend, Sarah Savage, who probably doesn’t care that her Heisman was sucking face with some undergrad.

Johnny wasn’t very discreet about his fun on a Thursday night because he Instagrammed a photo of himself wearing the OVO (whatever the hell that is) shirt as seen in the sucking face photo.

Picture 10

Johnny Manziel At Bar

Picture 14

Picture 12

When you’re Johnny Football, all the chicks want to get a piece of the pie. Look at this guy, does he look like a guy who won’t kiss a chick at the bars? No chance.

The spotters report:

Picture 9

(via @Katiemichellee5)

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