20 Racist Rednecks Breaking Down Tianlang Guan’s Masters Performance



Does the name Tianlang Guan ring a bell? Although not exactly a household name yet, Guan is the 14-year old Chinese kid currently making waves in the Masters. Finishing his first day with a score of +1, people began noticing the kid as the day went on.

And by people, I mean racists.

Tweets, like this one from @_JAMESANDREW_, seem a bit harsh: The 14 year old chink is only in The Masters ’cause he doesn’t have a social life and he’s abused by his parents whenever he plays shit golf.

Another guy, @TristanKHolt, took things a little too far with consecutive tweets: This stupid little chink in the masters is pissing me off.

Oh really, @TristanKHolt, is he? Please tell us more: I mean yeah he’s 14 but for one, he’s a gook and two he’s most likely a robot, you can’t trust those people.

Tianlang Guan

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