Sad: Braylon Edwards Partying With These Bros On Final Four Night [PHOTO]


Braylon Edwards Party

What you see there is former University of Michigan wide receiver Braylon Edwards partying with a rag tag crew last Saturday. Although we can’t confirm or deny if Edwards knew these cats ahead of time, doesn’t this seem like an add crew to be hanging out with on the night your alma mater is playing in the Final 4?

Why wasn’t a high profile Michigan athlete like himself at the game? Even better question, if he decided against going to the game, why was he hanging out with these guys?

Here was the guys tweet:

Braylon Edwards tweet

Boy, how the mighty have fallen.

It also appears that Edwards made a weekend out of partying in suburban Detroit. A few other tweets were floating around, including one that pinned Braylon at Novi, Michigan nightclub Enclave on Friday.

Braylon Edwards tweet 2

Braylon Edwards…sober? At a night club? In suburban Detroit? Yeah, okay. Oh, and he ended his Friday night at Five Guys.

Braylon Edwards tweet 3

BONUS: According to Twitter/Instagram Braylon also met some female fans and had his Michigan hat swiped by one of the ladies:

Braylon Edwards Party 2

Braylon Edwards tweet 4

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