John Buck Isn’t Using Real Lizard Skin On His Bat & More Screencaps!


morning twitpics

The guys at SNY wanted to get to the bottom of John Buck’s hot start so they started asking questions. Kevin Burkhardt learned that Buck is using Lizard Skins for the handle of his bat. It’s not real lizard skin. It’s a grip from a company that only has 115 likes on Facebook.

According to SNY, Buck’s friend owns Lizard Skins, which was started as a cycling grip wrap company.

Is Lizard Skins really helping Buck? He’s only off to a 5 home run (2nd in MLB), 15 RBI (1st in N.L.) and .375 start.

Yeah, it was a slow night in baseball.

WTF is this?

Picture 3


Tonguing or just faking it for an Instagram selfie?

Picture 3


Like I said, slow night in baseball.



In NHL news, WTF is this lady doing to the Ducks mascot. My god. Again, it was a slow night in sports.

Picture 1


Over in the NBA, Muresan was working the suites last night.

Picture 2


Finally, how about the front of the Post. Did they nail it or did they nail it. And newspapers in Indiana or some other Midwestern city wonder why they’re losing their asses.

Weiner Second Coming

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