Bubba Watson’s Hovercraft Transported To Masters [PHOTOS]

Bubba-Watson-Hovercraft (1)

In a story that captivated the nation, Bubba Watson broke down the walls of what we once thought was acceptable in regards to golf carts. It’s only a matter of time until his hovercraft will be the standard in golf carts so it makes sense Oakley decided to bring this beast down to Augusta.

Various photos have been surfacing on Twitter and Instagram of fans who have spotted the hovercraft either en route to Augusta or parked somewhere in town.

Bubba-Watson-Hovercraft (2)

The only bummer about this whole situation is the fact that Augusta National Golf Club is all guaranteed to ban this beauty from their course. They’ll spew some nonsense about how it’s un-traditional, how it’s distracting, blah, blah, blah.

Here’s hoping Oakley pulls some stealth maneuvers and gets the hovercraft on course property at some point throughout the weekend.