Victoria’s Secret Model Elsa Hosk Kicking Off MLB Season [18 PHOTOS]


Taking full advantage of the start of the 2013 MLB season, Victoria’s Secret decided to put one of their hottest models, Elsa Hosk, in some baseball gear. Can’t think of a better advertisement than throwing some Yankees, Cubs and Red Sox gear on her perfect body.

Elsa-Hosk-Victorias-Secret (3)

Hosk, 24-years old, is from Sweden and most likely knows very little about baseball. That’s what makes these photos so great, her innocence. Do you think she cares about the Yankees injury problems? No. Do you think she’s worried about the inconsistency in the Cubs bullpen? Nope. Pure, unadulterated hotness.

Elsa-Hosk-Victorias-Secret (1)

Elsa-Hosk-Victorias-Secret (2)

[h/t Superior Pics]

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