Skinny Barry Bonds Looks Like He’s Still Shedding ‘Roid Pounds [PHOTOS]


Barry-Bonds (1)

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen Skinny Barry Bonds out in public. Was he embarrassed of his petite new figure? Was he getting self-conscious of his image? Who knows, but a couple of blondes in Palos Verdes, California spotted Skinny Barry Bonds and got the slugger to pose for some photos.

Barry-Bonds-Tweet (1)

First things first, hats off to the girls (@JennyJohnson213 and @courtj34) for recognizing Bonds. I’d go out on a limb to say at least 50% of girls their age wouldn’t have recognized Bonds and would’ve gone about ordering their Chai Venti Latte like they normally would.

According to @courtj34:

Barry-Bonds-Tweet (2)

Now we’ve chronicled the Barry Bonds bicycling affair for quite some time now. Remember this past summer when he was cruising the mountains of Colorado? How about this Fall when he dropped $18,000 on a custom bike? Yeah, looks like Bonds has found his post career hobby.

Lets just hope that Bonds’ head shrinks down to size like the rest of his body has.


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