Packers Coach Mike McCarthy Takes Proposal Photos For Fans



Feel good NFL stories don’t usually come out in early April. Players and coaches are usually taking it easy and spending time in private with family and friends.

That all changed this week when a story came out via a recently engaged Milwaukee couple that Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy played an integral part in their engagement process. The couple was vacationing in Florida when the guy, Tim S., was readying to pop the question.

According to Tim, he noticed a figure walking towards them off in the distance. He said:

“I know that guy!” he remembers thinking. “I could just tell from the build, from about a 100 yards away and it’s Mike McCarthy.”

Hell, I’m a Bills fan and I might not recognize our head coach Doug Marrone if he walking into BC headquarters today, let alone from 100 yards away.

Aside from the weirdness factor in his ability to identify Mike McCarthy at that distance, what happened next was pretty cool. He asked McCarthy to take a photo of the couple and when McCarthy accepted, Tim got down on one knee and popped the question.

According to Tim, McCarthy was in awe:

“In his unique voice, he said ‘This is cool, this is really cool’.”

Check out a few of the photos McCarthy shot for the couple below, but be sure to head over to TMJ4-Wisconsin.


Image via TMJ4-Wisconsin


Image via TMJ4-Wisconsin


Image via TMJ4-Wisconsin

[h/t TMJ4-Wisconsin & Kissing Suzy Kolber]

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