Of Course Tim Pernetti’s Package Is Too Big & Championship Game Screencaps!


morning twitpics

Helluva NCAA championship from Michigan and Louisville and that’s coming from an Ohio State fan. That game had it all: Siva’s dad rocking the mall airbrushed shirt; Spike Albrecht going from 5k Twitter followers to 20k followers to a footnote; John Beilein’s clock management; Rick Pitino getting shot in a drive-by.

Yes, Rick Pitino getting shot in a drive-by.


By the way, what was Beilein thinking with :50 left and his team not fouling with a foul to give? You wanted a Chris Webber kind of moment, you got it.

Picture 5

Over at ESPN, Jeannine Edwards’ neck had a big game.


Kentucky fans will be pissed over this for the rest of the week.


Meanwhile, in Louisville, cuff ’em.

Picture 3

In MLB news, it was Opening Day in St. Louis and Cardinals fan was busy ripping on the Cubs and watching the Reds drop nine in the 9th.

Picture 4

I was up until 1 a.m. You only get one NHL pic. I’m not wasting my morning looking for more for all 10 of you who care.

Picture 1


New York Post Louisville Cover

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