Denard Robinson’s First Pitch At Tigers Game So Horrible, But Marlins Intrigued [VIDEO]


What a week it’s been for college football quarterbacks throwing out ceremonial first pitches. First we had Johnny Football throw a disaster¬†way¬†outside in Sunday’s Texas Rangers game. Then, today, former Michigan QB and soon to be NFL defensive back Denard Robinson threw one of the worst first pitches we’ve seen in a long time.

The Tigers were taking on the Blue Jays in an afternoon game. The Tigers figured they’d bring in a local celebrity, a guy they thought could throw the ball at least moderately well.

They must not have read Denard’s scouting report. He whipped the ball straight into the ground. The pitch never had a chance at being a strike.

If it wasn’t a guarantee before, this pitch all but wiped out any shot Denard had at being drafted to play quarterback. Hope he’s ready for a glory-free career on punt coverage.

[h/t MLB Cut 4]

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