Behind The Louisville Bench Boobs: Who Is This Homegirl? [PHOTOS]

You don’t have to look very hard at this picture to see what stands out. With under a minute left in the game last night, Louisville’s Luke Hancock was on the free throw line. Right before he took his shots, the CBS cameraman panned to the Louisville bench for a dramatic shot of the players and coaching staff.


Yep, white boy on the bench got caught red handed getting a glimpse of those warlocks.

This girl knew exactly what she was doing. You don’t sit behind the bench like that with the low cut shirt if you don’t want to be talked about the next day. The exposed stomach. The over-sized belly button ring.

Which brings us to our next point. Who is this girl? Why hasn’t her identity been revealed yet? According to BC estimations she probably has about 358 Twitter followers at the moment. After we find out who she is you bet your ass we can get her over 1,000.

You know Louisville boobs girl? Are you Louisville boobs girl?

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